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You can use the following resources to find information about general customer and product support topics. If you would like to speak to a Teaching Strategies representative, please refer to the Technical Support or Customer Support contact information below.


Product Support


Support for GOLD®

Getting Started

The Getting Started Checklists walk through the steps to set up your account and get started successfully using GOLD®.


Ongoing Implementation

The User Guides provide year-round support to ensure successful data collection and utilization.



Additional Support

Explore even more resources designed to help you successfully implement GOLD® in your program.

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Support for The Creative Curriculum®

Preparing for Implementation

The Preparing for Implementation document provides guidance on the steps administrators should take before implementation begins.



Getting Started

The Getting Started Guide walks teachers through effectively exploring the resources, planning for the beginning of the year, implementing studies, and utilizing digital curriculum resources.


Additional Support

Explore even more resources designed to help you successfully implement The Creative Curriculum® in your program.

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Support for tadpoles®

Getting Started

The Getting Started Guide provides administrators with the key steps for beginning implementation of tadpoles®.



Ongoing Implementation

Explore even more resources designed to help you successfully implement tadpoles® in your program.


Additional Support

Review the answers to frequently asked questions by families using tadpoles®.

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Technical Support


Visit the MyTeachingStrategies® Support Portal

The MyTeachingStrategies® Support Portal includes over 800 easily searchable support articles and videos for any of our products and solutions, including GOLD®, The Creative Curriculum®, Digital Resources, Online Professional Development, our mobile apps, and tadpoles®.

Visit the Portal

Contact Us for Technical Support

If you’re experiencing an issue with one of our digital products, such as GOLD® or tadpoles® and are unable to find the answer to your question in the MyTeachingStrategies® Support Portal, you can contact our Technical Support at the contact information below. We recommend searching the portal with any error message you may receive before calling Technical Support or submitting a case.

When contacting us, please have these details ready: user ID, class ID, or child ID; browser and account email; error messages encountered; steps taken before arriving at the issue.

Submit a Case Online

Submit a case to tech support easily from your computer online.


Call Technical Support

Call us at +1 866-736-5913. Our team is available to answer your calls 7am – 9pm ET, Monday through Friday.

What happens next? 

Tier I support opens a CASE and assigns you a number.

They solve your CASE or advance it to Tier II support.

Tier II reviews your CASE and contacts you if needed.

They resolve your issue and send you an email with details.


Order Support

Contact Us for Order Support
For any customer-related questions, such as purchasing and order inquiries, please use the Customer Support contact information.

Call Us

8 a.m.– 6 p.m. ET / Monday - Friday

+1 800-637-3652 (Option 3)


Email Us


[email protected]

Find the links below for helpful order support information.

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