Teaching Strategies in Maine

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Discounted GOLD® Subscription Pricing

The Maine Department of Education allows programs to purchase child portfolios at a discounted rate. This discount is available for approved organizations in Maine. The primary authorized administrator should complete the form for all sites and classes in the program in order to be approved.

Our Solutions Are Aligned to Early Learning Standards

The Creative Curriculum® for Kindergarten

  • September 2018: Maine Learning Results: English Language Arts (2010), Mathematics (2010), Science (2007), and Social Studies (2007) (PDF)

The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool

  • July 2015: Maine Early Childhood Learning Guidelines (PDF)

The Creative Curriculum® for Infants, Toddlers & Twos

  • April 2016: Supporting Maine’s Infants & Toddlers: Guidelines for Learning and Development (PDF)


  • October 2017: Maine Early Childhood Learning Guidelines (2005) and Supporting Maine's Infants & Toddlers: Guidelines for Learning & Development (2005) (PDF)
  • October 2017: Maine Learning Results for Kindergarten through Third Grade: English Language Arts and Mathematics (2010) (PDF)

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Teaching Strategies