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The Creative Curriculum® and GOLD® support the development of children’s social-emotional skills – a key outcome of the Kansas Can Initiative.

As an early childhood educator, your choice of curriculum and assessment is one of the most difficult decisions you’ll make. After all, these resources will help build the foundation that will determine a child’s success in school now, through the transition to kindergarten, and later in life.

Explore how The Creative Curriculum® and GOLD® help children to develop curiosity, confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical skills, and how we at Teaching Strategies can help you ensure your teachers have the resources and skills necessary to make lasting change in your program.

Our History

Commitment to a strong start is
ingrained in our history.

Our company history can be traced to the early 1960s and the emergence of early childhood education in the United States. It was then that Diane Trister Dodge, Teaching Strategies’ visionary founder, was deep in the trenches of Head Start in Mississippi, honoring a personal commitment to ensuring that every child has access to high-quality early childhood education.

Today, the company Diane built includes many staff members who are themselves former early childhood educators and administrators. A firsthand understanding of the challenges that early childhood educators face and the respect for the critical work educators do is at the core of every single Teaching Strategies product and service, and has remained a pillar of our mission from the start.

Teaching Strategies is the leading expert in early childhood education – because it’s all we do.

We’ve always recognized the importance of a strong foundation in early childhood education. In fact, it’s been our sole focus for over 30 years. Our unique commitment to early childhood and early childhood only has made us the leading provider of early childhood education products and services today. We’ve been trusted by the early childhood education community for 30 years for a reason, and we’re committed to the success of our partners and the growth of the children in their care.

Whole-Child Approach

At Teaching Strategies, we know a whole-child approach to teaching and learning is the most developmentally appropriate way to educate children.

Why? Because it supports and nurtures all areas of children’s development and learning—from social–emotional and cognitive development to literacy, math, and science learning—and it facilitates the transition from preschool to kindergarten.

To learn more, watch our webinar:
The Whole-Child Approach and Why It Matters

Kindergarten Readiness

Every child is unique, so, it’s no surprise that a “one size fits all” approach to learning isn’t developmentally appropriate, especially in kindergarten.

Teachers can use the GOLD® Kindergarten Entry Assessment Survey during the busy first weeks of school to compare incoming students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities with widely held expectations for kindergarten entry, giving them a comprehensive picture of each student’s development and learning in important areas.

To learn more, download:
GOLD® Kindergarten Entry Assessment Survey

Our Solutions

At Teaching Strategies, our first priority is to support you and the teachers in your program in the critical work you do every day to improve the lives of the children and families you serve.

Our solutions are designed to make the implementation of developmentally appropriate curriculum and assessment as intuitive and easy as possible.

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The Creative Curriculum®
Professional Development


Teaching Strategies’ comprehensive,
research-based approach is an intentional
plan for success.

Every component is grounded in child development theory and scientific research but we take it one step further. Our resources are not only research-based, they’re research-proven—validated in the field and shown to be effective by extensive research conducted by independent researchers. From multi-year efficacy studies to peer-reviewed journal articles and research foundation papers, our vast body of research proves that you can trust our products to help you deliver positive outcomes for all children.

To learn more, download our publication:
Research Foundation: The Creative Curriculum®
Research Foundation: Teaching Strategies GOLD® Assessment System

The 38 research-based objectives are at the heart of everything we do and they define the path teachers take with the children in their classroom.

They inform every aspect of teaching, include predictors of school success, and are aligned with state early learning guidelines. Our objectives for development and learning extends from birth through third grade. They enable teachers to see children’s development and learning along a progression that spans the whole of the early childhood years.

The objectives cover 10 areas of development and learning, including broad developmental areas, content areas, and English language acquisition. Many objectives also include dimensions that guide teachers’ thinking about various aspects of that objective and help clarify what it addresses.

The Criteria Report documents the research that went into the development of the 38 objectives. It includes an overview and rationale for inclusion of each of the development and learning areas.

To read the full report, download:
The Teaching Strategies Criteria Report


Research shows that The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool is effective and it promotes
children’s cognitive achievement.

Explore the effectiveness of The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool. Our curriculum includes the latest research in the early childhood field, in order to help teachers and administrators to give children the best early childhood education possible.

To learn more, download our publication:
Effectiveness Study: The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool


Our solutions align with Kansas, Federal,
and Head Start standards.

To view our alignments, download:

The Creative Curriculum® for Kindergarten
Kansas Curricular Standards: English Language Arts (2017), Mathematics (2010), Science (2013), and Social Studies (2013) (PDF)

The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool
Kansas Early Learning Standards (PDF)

The Creative Curriculum® for Infants, Toddlers & Twos
Kansas Early Learning Standards (PDF)

Kansas Early Learning Standards (2013)(PDF)

At Teaching Strategies, we think of ourselves as your partner in your program’s professional development training experiences…

…one that’s as committed as you are to enhancing the skills and knowledge of your early childhood educators, regardless of experience or learning style. We offer sessions and resources to meet the needs of every early childhood classroom both in-person and online.

Support Teachers

Teaching Strategies now offers new on-boarding resources to help teachers successfully implement The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool and GOLD® in their classroom.

These resources provide step-by-step information on how to best leverage the curriculum to the fullest in your program. Resources, including the Getting Started ChecklistsUser Guides, and Model Implementation Plans, have been designed for use by new and veteran educators alike, providing the support you need every step of the way.

Download:  The Creative Curriculum® resources     |     GOLD® resources

Learn more about how you can help build a lasting foundation for the children in your Pre-k program.

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