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Building Bridges Between School and Home

Strong partnerships with families are an essential part of any high-quality early childhood education program. With Teaching Strategies, you have a wealth of tools completely devoted to helping early childhood caregivers and teachers build connections between a child’s two most important worlds: school and home.


Build powerful partnerships with families. ReadyRosie™ provides you with comprehensive bilingual tools to partner with families to improve child outcomes and overcome barriers so that no child is left behind.

With ReadyRosie™, families receive weekly playlists of curated standards-aligned Modeled Moment videos and access to a library consisting of over 1,200 more videos, showing real families modeling fun activities and games in English and Spanish. Whether you’re looking for a research-based parenting curriculum or resources that align with the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes framework, the PFCE framework or state standards, you can easily find ways to support families in extending their child’s learning going in your classroom.

If you’re a teacher or administrator, you can use ReadyRosie™ to customize content for families, track progress, and assess data to measure impact. You’ll also be able to see when families comment on the content you shared and provide you with powerful insights about their children and family goals. You’ll also receive instant access to a suite of materials, including facilitator guides with embedded videos, to conduct interactive family workshops in English and in Spanish.

Together, these in-person points of connection combined with communication tools and digital content help educators and families build strong and reciprocal relationships.



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Streamline your operations and engage families. Tadpoles® simplifies program operations and family communication so you can spend more time focusing on the children in your care.

If you’re an administrator, you’ll find robust tools that provide visibility into what’s happening in classrooms across your program. Tracking ratios and transitions at your program or school, managing enrollment, and supporting family-program communication become simple and paperless. You’ll also have access to a variety of reports, such as 15-minute counts, meal distribution, individual attendance, a planning report for scheduling and staffing needs, and more.

If you’re a teacher, you’ll find everything you need to easily track daily care events like meals and naps and features that make it easy to build daily reports and share photos, videos, and notes with families—providing a window into your classroom and the daily activities of their child.



Share our new mobile app ParentPal™ with the families you serve.

In partnership with the founders of Baby Einstein, we have created a new app for parents and families of young children from birth through age 5. ParentPal™ is an all-in-one personal parenting coach that provides tools to take the guesswork out of parenting. To support parents and families at home during these challenging times, we are offering access to ParentPal™ at no cost through June 30, 2020.


Family Guides

Our family guides help families learn how to partner with teachers for a successful school year and show them simple ways to build skills and encourage healthy development and learning.



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